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17/04/13 - FNC Ent announces the release of FTISLAND [2012 CONCERT TOUR] PHOTOBOOK 


The FNC Ent site. revealed today the release of a new photobook dedicated to FTISLAND! It will be available in early May and we invite you to discover all the details below!The output of FTISLAND [2012 CONCERT TOUR] PHOTO BOOK!The [2012 CONCERT TOUR] was held successfully in Malaysia, Singapore, Los Angeles, Taiwan, Thailand and finally to Hong Kong! This photobook contains images of intimate moments such as FTISLAND in the boxes during rehearsals and breaks, etc.. This will be a nice gift for all the fans who attended the [2012 CONCERT TOUR!][Content]Part1. MALAYSIAPart2. SINGAPOREPart3. LOS ANGELESPart4. TAIWANPart5. THAILANDPart6. HONG KONG- Size: 180 * 210- Number of pages: 200 pages- Sortiee Date: May 8, 2013- Price: 25,000 won (about 17 €)The photobook will be available for pre-order on the FNC Store:Preorder period: April 17 ~ May 7Delivery after PRéco period: 21 days.- 10% discount on FNC Store -The fanclub members who are not yet registered with us, please send your ID FNC STORE / ID FTISLAND Official Home Page / name immediately at fncstore@fncent.com! We will update your member status PRIMADONNA for the shop. "
- Pricing information -Photobook: 25,000 won (about 17 €) + shipping: 2,500 won (about € 1.70) (The cost of shipping abroad will be adjusted depending on the country)Total: 27,500 won (about € 18.70)

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