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Lee Hongki of FTISLAND group will play a disruptive idol for her film debut with the film "Passionate Goodbye".The film "Passionate Goodbye" takes place in a hospital where patients with terminally ill prepare to leave this world. It is a human drama that speaks of terminally ill patients who continue to dream with fauteuse idol disorder.Lee Hongki in the role of Lee Choong, plays a star who is forced to do community service because he was involved in an assault. Although Choong Lee has great popularity among its fans, it is an unwise singer who regularly gets into trouble. He loses his temper and hits someone, what will end up in a hospital to perform community service. With his always rude behavior, he still attracts problems with a volunteer, Anna (played by Baek Jinhee), resulting in battles between them.Choong Lee promised to sponsor patients who want to take part in an audition for a rock band, provided lower its volunteer hours. As he watches over patients who make huge efforts to do their last dream, he realizes his hard work and he will ultimately help wholeheartedly.Before his debut, Lee Hongki has built his acting talent since his childhood. He also gained experience through dramas like "You're Beautiful", "Noriko Goes to Seoul" and many more before the beginning of FTISLAND.Lee Hongki won the praise of the director, Nam Taeksu: "He has the talent to be a good actor". Its role and collaboration with My Dongseok, Baek Jinhee, Im Wonhee Jeon Minseo are, without doubt, the reasons not to miss this film."Passionate Goodbye" will be in theaters on May 30.

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