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 FTISLAND (Orix Theater Fanmeeting)
Fanaccount 130310 "All credit to akiee22 (@ akieerashimae22)
FT Island gave their special things to Primadonnas Japanese during the raffle.
In the end, Hongki Jaejin asked his hairy leg ..
Having ripped, Hongki is down from the stage and gave fans .. !
(◎ _ ◎ ;)
Hongki looked ill, his voice trembled when he sang often.
But is it really the best singer, because he gave the best of himself anyway .. ^ _ ^
Hongki Jonghun said that when he was drunk, he always spoke to Jasmine like crazy.
It raises a lot of questions to Jasmine, "Hongki: As if Jasmine was going to respond."
جاسمین اسم گربشونه  

 Hongki noticed the ring Seunghyun.
HK: ohh you're already married??
Fans: Eeehh??
Seunghyun tried to hide ..
SH: I do not, do you see anything??
Fans: We saw!
He tried again to hide ..
SH: Ahh, that?
This is the style, "Fashion Style"
HK: Fashion Style??
SH: Yes!

 While Jaejin spoke, all the members and embêtaient interrupted.
JJ: Wait, when it's my turn, everyone speaks blaaah blaaah (imitating Hongki). Is that I can talk to??
(Whispering as a child)

 They all gained weight, Hongki said he had taken a lot lately.
They ended the fanmeeting with "the last of Minari aegyo" (Hongki and Jaejin one taught him) before singing the last song "Primadonna".
Before we say goodbye ..
Hongki reminded us to be careful on the way back home and we do not catch cold ..
It is so nice .. :)
Seunghyun gave his costume of "Jack the Ripper" in the raffle.
The fan is really lucky.
They made a surprise by announcing their tour in Japan ..
Hongki also requested our support for his movie coming out and the musical Seunghyun ..

 At first, Hongki kept shouting "I'm hungry! '
It was very funny to see him as a child just crazy.
HK: Primadonna, you're not hungry? Of course you're hungry is not it?
You waited outside for many hours is it?
I want to eat I want to eat!
We shouted "Jaejin!
JJ: (we looked so adorably) what this is?
تو پر خوری جه جین یدی طولانی داره وا3 همین وختی حرف از گشنگی افتاد طرفدارا صداش کردن   

As Hongki said, Minhwan always the same pose when taking photos.
HK: (imitating Minhwan) Minhwan-kun, can you show them??
Minhwan showed us shyly ..
Hongki and Jonghun celebrated their anniversary.
We sang Happy Birthday and they blew their candles.
Hongki has tasted the cake and said, "Oh this is good," and he could not stop eating.
SH: Stop! ..
You can eat the rest at home.
It was funny to see the face of Hongki become as a little boy who stopped by someone.
Hongki asked us to support them for their new single "You are my life."
They will come to Shinjuku for the single release ..
Hongki wore his favorite hat "WTF" during the fanmeeting ..
We also noticed that her hair was shorter than before ..
After the raffle, when they had nothing to offer ..
We asked her bonnet 'WTF' ..
Hongki said, "Hey, I do not like it! I bought during my trip to Europe and it is a memory. So it's sentimental for me and it is one of my favorites!
They are preparing for the release of their next album Korean.
They will do another fanmeeting in Japan next week, there's musical Seunghyun and Japanese tour.
Hongki also said they were doing some new songs for their next Japanese single.


  Question: What is the thing without which you can not live?

HK: Money .. You can not live and go anywhere you want if you do not have money.
Fans: (shouting) Primadonna!
HK: Yes!
If there were not Primadonnas, we would not be here, you are those who listen to the music we make ..
Jonghun would speak but was interrupted by Hongki.
HK: Women??
JH: (looking Hongki and denying) members.
MH: The battery.
HK: You can not bring it anywhere you want is not it?
MH: But I can not live without.
SH: My car
HK: Oh, you have a car?
SH: What?
(He has not heard what Hongki)
HK: You have a car? Really??
You're lucky I did not.
SH: Yes I have one, ehh you're a liar, you have your car for a long time.
HK: (laughs) Yes, it is true I have one.
Why is your car?
SH: Because since I have, I can go to beautiful places.
JJ: My phone.
HK: If you do not have your charger is useless.
JJ: I take my charger.
HK: If there is no electricity, how can you use it?
JJ: There is always electricity.
HK: If there is no energy companies, there is no electricity.
JJ: There are always companies.
HK: If there are no workers who work for the company?
JJ: There are always people

هونگی چقد جه جینو سوال پیچ میکنه    

While Hongki fluent Japanese, he has difficulty reading Japanese characters when Jaejin helped ..
They went shopping the day before the fanmeeting.
They went into a shop cosplay, Hongki likes it ..
They even imitated a maid.
They have a souvenir photo in the shop, Hongki made a heart with her hands.
In the middle of the story told Hongki, Seunghyun whispered something to him ..
HK: Ahh .. Seunghyun-kun wanted to put his hands on the shoulders of a maid.
But he was asked not to touch.
SH: I was embarrassed.
HK: After taking the picture, I asked for an autograph at the maid.
(Note: waitress uniformed servant maid cafes in Japan. Customers have the right to take pictures with the waitress etc.).
HK: The staff of the store asked us "Are you Kpop artists?? I replied that I was Geun-chan ..
Jang Geunseuk ..  

Question: If you had an appointment with a member to be with a girl, who would you choose?
HK: No, I do not like the smell of Seunghyun ..
Jaejin Jonghun is too hairy and had too many conquests ..
MH: (looking Jonghun) It can protect me.
JH: Yes, (looking Minwhan), you are the most simple.
HK: (he looks jealous) Wait, what's that??
You have agreed?

Hongki said, "When Minhwan is drunk, he goes to his friends or girls close to us (members) and puts his hands on our legs by asking" Do you love me? Why? '
(Jonghun and Hongki imitated Minhwan touching the legs of the one and the other)
(Minhwan was embarrassed and looked around)
الهی فدای میناری      

Question: What other things are you doing??
HK: I'll be out in the clubs, I'm going to dance with Jaejin ..
JJ: We dance in the clubs because they do not dance on stage.
(We asked them to show us their dance steps.)
JJ: (shocked) huh??
SH: Dance!
Show them! ..
Jaejin and Seunghyun looked and hit ..
Hongki showed us his dance while Jaejin ran on stage ..
(Hongki is good when he danced in clubs :))

Minhwan oppa was a bit shy and did not dare too participate when members spoke. Hongki, Jaejin and Seunghyun talked a lot ..

 New word aegyo: Kyunkyun (Japanese word for cute look)
This is what Jaejin Hongki and Minhwan have learned ..

During their performance, they sang "You are my life" as a whole as a gift for us ..
Voices Jaejin Hongki and mix well in the song ..

 We were surprised during the fanmeeting ..
We all knew they were going to talk much but they sing more than 10 songs at the end and it was like a mini concert ..



چه پسرای باحالی دارم من .... قربونشون  


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