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امروز یه مصاحبه با اف تی آیلند انجام شد که من فعلا وخت نکردم ترجمش کنم ... واقا ساری   

متن اصلی مصاحبه در ادامه


هر چند میدونم که میدونید ولی باز به هر حال میگم :  


 MH : مین هوان (میناری)  


JJ : جه جین 


HK : هونگ کی 


SH : سئونگ هیون 


JH : جونگ هون

اینم از مصاحبه :

            Q: Use "You Are My Life" as a wedding song will surely bring you lots of support!
MH: If this is the case, we will be very happy!
JJ: Yes, we shot the MV in a church!
HK: But the bride is a model so we could only admire from afar ... (laughs)
JH: We've made some effects with our expressions.
All: Woah ~!
MH: There are many scenes where they play instruments.
SH: And the scene where Jonghun hyung plays the piano is another strong point to notice.
JH: Ahh, you are talking points to highlight is the head after Hongki gained weight.
HK: Do not say that ~ But that's because I took 6kg.
JH: Because he eats too much.
Q: 6kg!
That's a lot!
HK: Because when I was in Europe for 2 weeks, my meals were mostly bread and meat.
But I had no choice as it is the staple food there.
JJ: This is an apology.
Q: You did not eat Korean food there?
HK: It was going to Paris, but when I was in Spain, I tell myself that I will enjoy eating a Korean meal.
So I tried a Korean restaurant and I ate barbecue.
JJ: In the end, he has always eaten meat.
Q: Indeed.
But Korean food is healthy right?
HK: When we shot the MV, it was just after I returned from my trip, so in the MV, I was fat.
But now my diet is back to Korean food so I'm back now though.
JJ: When Hongki had gone to Europe, we were in Japan.
SH: Together with Minari, we both were in hot springs and an amusement park.
JJ: I was in Tokyo and hot springs.
MH: Speaking of that, we were approached by Pri in the park.
SH: They told us they liked the song composed by YUKI us. Harajuku and also, they did not stop calling us "~ Seunhyun Minari" (imitates the voice of girls). In addition, they looked at me when they said "Minari."
HK: Ah ah.
Q: Why do you seem not to be well all of a sudden?
What is the problem?
HK: Nobody approached me at all.
I have to be non-existent ...
Q: No, your presence is really strong!
Maybe because you let feel an aura of coolness? 

 JJ: It's scary.
HK: That is not true, I'm really good with Pri. But if they continue to follow me, I'll run away.
Q: In the song "COME INTO MY DREAM", there is a phrase "Tell me what I can do to make you turn around to look at me" then what it takes to make you go back
HK: Call me "Hongki" with a cute voice.
SH: That's what the question mean?
HK: It should ~
JJ: Only one turns?
Q: No, no, the question is, what can a girl that you like.
HK: Oh, what kinds of questions ~
MH: For me it is the smell.
HK: Ahhh, me too!
Q: Can you clarify?
HK: I love the smell, ahh, I can not describe it ~ Ah, that's it (it smells the perfume in the hand Seunghyun)
SH: That's the smell a human should have.
MH: I, too, this (it smells the perfume in her hand)
SH: That's the smell of fried chicken.
Q: What!
HK: The smell of fried chicken.
JJ: That's the smell that lingers on the hand after eating fried chicken.
MH: This is not the case, I wash my hands properly.
HK: How do I say it, is the smell of comfort.
This is not a fruity odor or another strong smell, it is a kind of soft feeling.
MH: I think the same and I love the smell of soap 


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